Expand Your Market Reach with Cross-Cultural Events

from Our International Business Consultants

North America China Council of Seattle, Washington, is a not-for-profit corporation formed to serve as a diverse platform for U.S. and China relations. We provide the information and resources to help companies and individuals of both countries succeed in the worldwide market. Our international business consultants use cross-cultural events to foster cooperation and better understanding culture, technology, and government. Learn more about U.S.-China relations with cross-cultural events from our international business consultants in Seattle, Washington.

Communication and Connection

At NACC, we have 5 years of experience in international affairs. We founded our organization to promote a greater connection and understanding between U.S. and China entities. Having contacts with members of government and state authorities, we use our skills to develop unlimited U.S.-Chinese cooperation in cultural, academic, business, and high-technology fields.
By working with us, your management team has the opportunity to connect with people and resources in the U.S. and China. This ultimately provides your enterprise with the chance to network, grow, and learn about many different subjects for added success.

Open Your Enterprise to New Ideas

with Help from U.S. and China Relations

You can benefit from U.S. and China relations with facilitation from NACC. Our international business consultants connect you with likeminded individuals in both countries that want to create mutually advantageous relationships. Profit from better U.S. and China relations with help from our consultants in Seattle, Washington.

Build Connections

We serve as a link to help people gather information and build understanding in many categories. With our guidance, you build connections with people that are teaching or learning about the same things that intrigue you. Call us now to see how you can profit from connections between U.S. and Chinese interests.


Meet your U.S. and Chinese counterparts face-to-face with our assistance. NACC holds conferences on many different subjects to promote better international relationships. By attending our conferences, you benefit from the exchanging and sharing of information on subjects like technology communication.


Learn how to adjust to changes in business and your everyday life by attending our seminars. We hold seminars for participants to learn about subjects like taxes, technology, and more. If you want to improve relations in all areas of your life, sign up for one of our seminars today.