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Over the last few years, we have seen a blossoming of innovation in the areas of Clean Energy, Healthcare and Information Tech between the U.S. and China. Most of our new technologies have brought us more opportunities as well as challenges. The U.S. and China shared many of the same problems, and objectives on same issues. But the most interest of business from China in learning more about the potential chance to invest in opportunities in “green” sustainable technologies and emerging health related business is well established.

The North America China Council (NACC) is dedicated to promoting understanding and cooperation between North America and China, the “Global Mobile & Cloud Computing” Conference we had been succeed held on October 8th, 2011 with Microsoft, HSBC and local state government support to present U.S. and China collaboration opportunities. Located in the Pacific NW Region of the Greater Seattle of the USA is of particular interests and leading a tremendous frontier leadership role in many key industries, it’s ranging from Aerospace to Information Technologies, Biotech to Clean Energy Technologies, etc. The collaboration either U.S. or China, the most of organizations has grown over the years, now we are ready to create a new platform for further developing productive bilateral cooperation among North America and China.

This Innovation and Investment Conference now in the planning stages to be held this fall, will focus on Healthcare (especially mobile technology), Sustainability and Investment topics, will be followed by a trade show and B2B matchmaking sessions; as a strategic business, culture and technology exchanges conference in Seattle area, will allow our mutual exploration and creative collaboration happened among the most of businesses in their selected industries.

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