Julia Zhao

Jennifer O'Neal
Julia Zhao is an accomplished marketing professional with investment/financial marketing experience in multicultural background, encompassing strategic planning, media planning, and investor relations. Her expertise is in cross-border business communication and financial advisory.

Ms. Zhao has served First Financial Northwest Bank as the only Business Development Officer since March 2015. Before her join in First Financial Northwest Bank, she spearheaded the entire marketing and investor relations effort for a $200 million project through the development and implementation of successful marketing campaigns and investor relations for the US and China EB-5 markets. Prior that, she founded and served two cross-border investment and financial advisory consulting firms in Shanghai and Seattle, focusing on the diagnostic devices (Shanghai) and agriculture investment (Seattle). She worked in Hua Neng International Export and Import Co. Ltd before came abroad.

Ms. Zhao holds Master of Science in Finance from Seattle University in US.