Jennifer O’Neal

Jennifer O'Neal
Jennifer O’Neal is an educator residing in the Seattle area. She has a Masters in Teaching (Western Washington University), a Masters in Special Education (University of London), and more than ten years’ experience as a teacher. Ms. O’Neal has also worked in non-profit, business and government sectors. She served as Director of Fundraising and Education programs for the Arts Council of Fairfax County and as Vice President of Asian Marketing Services, both in the Washington, DC area. She also helped coordinate media relations for the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office.

Ms. O’Neal graduated in 1985 from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with an Asian studies certificate. She completed a one-year graduate studies fellowship at the National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan and lived in Taiwan for three years before returning to Washington, DC to complete a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology at the Catholic University of America. Fluent in Mandarin, Ms. O’Neal has devoted much of her adult life to learning about Chinese culture and people.