James Geldart

James Geldart
Communications Director
Green Ideas Exchanging Association
James Geldart has a vast experience in a variety of sales, and marketing arenas, including some years of developmental entrepreneurial startups in his history. Currently he is a Communications Director with Green Ideas Exchanging Association. He has been a volunteer in this position since 2004, when he helped with its first Founding director Louis Liu in formulating GIE’s beginning.

Mr. Geldart has also worked 8 years as a proprietor/part owner in venture start up companies, developing market channels, and general marketing, some intellectual property researching, and project venture financing of start up products, to appropriate vendors; be it hardware stores, for an invented product for garage doors to be straightened, to being part of developing a secure doctor/patient/to pharmacy, and other clinical inter-patient informational movement project using early “Smart Card” technology tracking and computer filing…..(Note: During part of this time, from 1993 till his Banff Management promotion in 2002, James worked part time hours at the West Edmonton Mall’s Editions Gallery head office, where he had gathered his reputation for the Gallery owners to offer him his own gallery management position, when the entrepreneurial enterprise wound down.