David Song

David Song
Great Wall Club and Global Mobile Internet Conference
David Song has worked in the past ten years founding several organizations connecting the world through the online interface and the gaming and sports community. In 2002 Mr. Song has founded and promoted Table Soccer in China. Up to now, He led China’s National team of Table Soccer and participated several international competitions in Europe and the U.S.A. and gained the 5th place in the world and the 2nd place for Team Competition.In 2008, Mr. Song successfully organized the Olympic Athletes Friendly Match in Olympic Village during the 29th Olympic Games which remained very precious cultural heritage for Beijing Olympic Games. Mr. Song and his team were praised by the state leaders. In 2008 and 2009 Mr. Song was selected as “World Economy Outstanding Chinese Innovation Persons” organized by State Department.

In 2012 Mr.Song Founded Global Mobile Game Confederation and organized the Global Mobile Game Congress (GMGC) in China and world. GMGC is a global mobile game industry platform founded by the leading mobile game companies from 11 countries. Mr. Song also founded Guanghe World and organized the Startup World Cup Competition around China, Sweden, USA etc countries. In 2013, Mr. Song and other leading mobile game companies’ CEOs established UIFUND, a new charity fund for the Mobile Gaming Industry.