Binbin Feng

BinBin Feng

Binbin is currently pursuing her CFA designation and is a Level III candidate. She previously worked at Goldman Sachs China. Besides finance management and investment, she had also a few years work experience in insurance and retail in both China and Canada.

Binbin had her B.A. in China and accomplished her MBA degree at UBC in Canada, specialized in Finance & Strategic Management. She is now working with an engineering PhD on the clean energy project for the commercialization of a key component of the fuel cell.

Besides her professional pursuit, Binbin is an activist in the community involvement. She served as a VP of the International Trade Club of MBA society and had organized cultural events and built better connection between students and trade associations. She participated in and volunteered for the HK & Canada Business Association as well as Women in Leadership program in Vancouver, Canada.

Binbin grew up in Shanghai and lived in Alberta and British Columbia before she moved to Washington. She has a strong interest in the business development and in connecting people for creating more business opportunities.